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The long-expected novelty from brand Winston has appeared quite recently, but no one even suspected that this brand can surprise its fans with something new. New Winston XS surprised everyone with its quality as well as its look. At the demonstration of the new Winston XS, people have surely noted a great work, held by the JTI Company to replenish the brand line Winston.

winston xs jti 02 224x300 Buy Winston XS OnlineWinston XS – it is a unique cigarettes, issued as Winston XS blue with 6 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine; and Winston XS silver with 4 mg tar and 0.4 mg nicotine. Cigarettes Winston XS can be called medium by heaviness, thus their richness and taste bring lots of pleasure from each cigarette.

The quality of Winston cigarettes was always high so we don’t have to mention it one more time and we don’t have to say how good Winston XS is. JTI keeps the right traditions and has always emphasized the quality of cigarettes and easy adoption of the cigarette smoke. But in the new line of Winston XS, the company designers did their best. The package of Winston XS is the one that immediately strikes the eye.

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Buy Winston Cigarettes

Strong non-filtered cigarettes, which American people got bored of, have had to be replaced with something. But there was no alternative in the middle of 20th century. Unfortunately, most of tobacco manufacturers produced either chewing tobacco, or non-filtered cigarettes. Same tobacco taste became boring for everyone, that’s why they should have solved this problem anyhow and finally to change the dissatisfaction of smokers.

winston 300x261 Buy Winston CigarettesThe best idea that came on mind the American tobacco producers was to create Winston cigarettes. Cigarette brand Winston it is one of the best brands, which amazes people with its excellent flavor and quality since the very beginning of its history.

Winston cigarettes are the product that has completely changed the idea of American tobacco manufacturing. The major goal of Winston manufacturers was to maintain the heaviness of the cigarette taste and at the same time to create a unique new and pleasant flavor.

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